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Introductory Story: A Bad Night in the Shambles
Enter the Savage Earth!

What is the Savage Earth?

The Savage Earth is a role-playing game using the Hero System rules. It is a setting of fabulous lost technology living alongside high magic and barbaric splendor.

Where is the Savage Earth?

The Savage Earth is our own planet in the distant future. Some great catastrophe has tipped the planet on its side, throwing the world into ecological chaos from which only now is civilization re-appearing.

When does the Savage Earth take place?

None know for sure, for all records were lost in the time of the Demon-Kings, when the world was ruled by beings of vast power and cruelty. The Demon-Kings are gone now, banished by the Prometheans, but their technology lives on.

Who lives in the Savage Earth?

Many different kinds of people. Humans, certainly, but the arts of the Demon-Kings gave speech and thought to animals, who are slowly becoming more human-like. Inanimate objects may also be imbued with motion and thought as well. Civilization is the province of the Adepts, people who have learned to control a smattering of demon King technology by studying the teachings of the Prometheans. The wilderness is a place of high danger, inhabited by hardy barbarian tribes.

Why is there a web site for
the Savage Earth?

The Savage Earth is posted for the convenience of the players and GM. The information here is to be regarded as a worldbook. Currently there are two groups of players. The first is the original tabletop crew, the second is the on-line crew. The chronicles of the first may be read on the Chronicles page, the tales of the second may be read at The Savage Earth Forum. Anyone who wishes to run a campaign in the Savage Earth is welcome to do so. Characters for the Savage Earth should follow the Campaign Guidelines.



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